Presentation Visuals Repair Shop (Espoo Day event)

la 27.8.2016
10:00 - 14:00
Your presentation visuals are not perfect- nobody’s are! Use this chance to get professional feedback on your visuals. In a 15-minute session, I’ll go through a presentation with you and give tips on improvement. Maybe I can help you find a way to reduce the text or maybe point out where a picture doesn’t quite fit into your message. Maybe our conversation will spark creativity that you didn’t know you had! I’ll be set up at Urban Mill during Espoo-päivä on 27 August from 10 to 2. Bring your presentation on a memory stick, tablet or laptop. If your material is in English, I’ll be able to comment on the quality of the language, but if it’s in other languages, there’ll still be plenty to discuss! Make an appointment in advance by emailing or just drop by. Deron Fuller, Managing Director of IMP Communications
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Lisännyt Lars Miikki

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