SocialBadge will support help visitors to find each other on Espoo day on Innovation Alley (Espoo-päivän tapahtuma)

la 29.8.2015
10:00 - 14:00
We are glad to announce that connectivity of Espoo Day will be supported by SocialBadge – Helsinki based startup made by Aalto students. SocialBadge is a mobile platform that helps you to share your online profile and explore people around. SocialBadge connects people in a very small distance – up to 50 meters. It allows you to: ◾share your online profile to nearby people (basic info, contacts and links to social media), ◾observe nearby people and interact with them. We invite you to Urban Mill on 29 of August to experience SocialBadge and explore Several Espoo Day events which will be arranged in Urban Mill, Design Factory and in the yards between the buildings from 10 am to 2 pm. Read more how SocialBadge works, how to install the app and prepare your profile right now to be ready to explore new people on the Espoo Day: Links ◾SocialBadge web-site: ◾App Store: ◾Google Play: Contacts Aleksandr Fedorov ( ) Roman Filippov ( )
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