keskiviikko 28.2.

Design as a Tool in Building Sustainable Future of Work

Are you interested in the future of work? Have you ever thought of the role design could play in the process? If yes - and even if not - you are very welcome to join our symposium! The concept of work is experiencing a revolution and this is a global megatrend. The revolution is defined [...]

keskiviikko 14.3.

The third BONUS Symposium: Sustainable BS ecosystem governance

The registration will open soon in November 2017! This 3rd BONUS Symposium will introduce results of four BONUS projects ending in 2018 - BONUS BALTICAPP, GO4BALTIC, MIRACLE and SOILS2SEA projects. Novel approaches for managing nutrients, as well as governance approaches for the Baltic Sea region will be presented for discussion. Analyses of scenarios for future [...]

torstai 15.3.

New (gamified) applications for patient safety –workshop

During eHealth2018 - The 23rd ISfTeH International Conference on Telemedicine and eHealth – there is a possibility to participate to New (gamified) applications for patient safety –workshop. Conference is arranged as a cruise on the Baltic Sea between the capital cities Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden. Conference theme is “Health communities facing cyber transformation”. Conference [...]

keskiviikko 21.3.

FinMUN18 (un4mun)

This year again FINMUN invites you, the leader of the future, to become a diplomat for four days. Are you eager to debate on how to create and maintain the sustainable tourism? Could you propose the actions such that the tourism will bear strictly positive effect on economics, society and environment? Come and join the [...]

maanantai 7.5.

InnoFrugal 2018

Are you “Value Conscious” and “Values Conscious”? Do you want to learn how to do more with less? Do you want to know how to innovate under resource constraints and cost controls? Are you already working on or want to learn more about high impact, new tech and affordable solutions? Then, InnoFrugal during May 7-8, [...]

perjantai 18.5.

Aalto Sustainability Day

Tackling complex sustainability challenges by co-creating disruptive innovations Mayday Mayday is the Inaugural Event of Aalto Sustainability Hub, which aims to advance sustainable development through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research, teaching and impact. The day brings together science, technology, arts, business and many other voices. Welcome to co-create disruptive sustainability knowledge with leading experts and young [...]

keskiviikko 22.8.

Dry Toilet Goes Circular: International DryToilet Conference2018

We are pleased to announce that the popular, one of a kind scientific Dry Toilet Conference will be held for the 6th time in Tampere, Finland on 22nd – 24th August 2018. The theme of the conference is Circular Economy and the title is Dry Toilet Goes Circular – The International Dry Toilet Conference 2018. [...]

tiistai 4.9.

Health Promoting and Sustainable Leadership

The course focuses on the multi-component factors and conditions of importance for a sustainable leadership, from a system perspective (individual – group – work-place – organization – society). In these aspects, the course focuses especially on contemporary challenges such as creating attractive, inclusive and innovative work places. The course also apply a practice and handling [...]