perjantai 15.12.

Innovation Arena Entrepreneurship Day – 15th of December

Welcome to the 1st. Innovation Arena - Day for Thinkers and Doers - 15th of December - “Boosting the culture of sharing and experimentation for the future doers!” The event will bring together professors, lecturers and researchers as well as students, entrepreneurs and collaborators associated with the University of Eastern Finland. The aim is to [...]

torstai 11.1.


Hyvinvointiviikonloppu ja Startti puhdistautumiseen! Pakettiin sisältyy: Majoitus 2hh:ssa, kaikki ateriat, Synergy WorldWiden Purify -ohjelman tuotteet, vapaa Spa osaston käyttö ja hotellin vapaa-ajanohjelma sekä Synergyn luennot ja ohjeistukset. Hinta kaikkineen vain 379,-/ hlö (sis. Purify tuotepaketin ovh 250,-) (1hh + 25,- / vrk) Kurssilaisille hoitolapalveluista -15% ennakkoon varattuna! Varaukset: / p. 017 768751 Lisätiedustelut: Sari [...]

keskiviikko 24.1.

Nordic Business Forum Sweden

Nordic Business Forum Sweden - Lead Lean. Nordic Business Forum now has a cool cousin in SWEDEN. This one-day event revolves around leadership and lean startup methodology, making it a must-attend for anyone willing to grow personally and business-wise. The opportunity to make the best business decision of your year is right here. Speakers: Steve [...]

keskiviikko 21.3.

EnergySpin Forum

EnergySpin is a forum where world class energy startups and talents meet with international investors and executives. EnergySpin Forum features top tier speakers ranging from business founders and experienced investors to simply fantastic people behind the newest success stories within business. For investors seeking new markets, Finland offers opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else. [...]